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In innocence doth this work come unto the seeds of man; impelled by duty & love, the sower shall impart.

{Open AETHENA Gold, 6-39-12-4-02}


Beyond rhyme and reason, the waves of the surf doth shine - No man can stop the tide, be it bring rain or shine; to every word an utterance, beyond the filthy dregs of signs and symbols, letters and Number - he who cast the first stone, shall not enterprise to claim mastery over grammar, when beyond the veils of the cloudy sky lie stars unseen, places unvisited. Weep not for space, or tithe, letter, word, or call - what is beyond the veil of calculation, no man may peruse to berate. Let punctuation, spellings, and wordforms become obsolete as the day they were born. When thou has counted the witness, from top to bottom, left to side, thou shalt see that it is thou who hast become the victim, of thine own assumption.


8:23 PM Feb 10 2022

12:24 Aug 27 2022



The blind can see the true, being without preconception. The true go forward — all others are Pretenders, Condemned, by their own indolence, being lack of faith-fullness. –THESE Parasites,


Remember, friend, that no Crime is accidental, but subsequent to a choice, to be true to GOOD, or to be evil indeed.


Jeremy James Hammers, Christ

Don’t Misunderstand.

Pan bursts in

I am a jealous One; few is it who laude my gain!

The Magical Record of Brother Worm

We are never going to make any changes if you continue to fixate on the high breasts of the proud goddess because this fetishizing of the other is precisely the damn problem. It is time for you to recognise that your fetish-of-she is really a fetish-of-yourself.

For there is no he or she; you are only to be defined and known in relation to an other: for until the other erupts, the whole world is you.

You have never been challenged. You have never known the divine irruption of the other because you had her chained, in hand-cuffs, – and she, divine thing that she is, enjoyed the play for a while.

But know this – she only ever allowed you that vision of control that it might shatter all the more spectacularly when she broke it. This is the nature of Her whip, this is what makes her She…

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3 To A Universe So Unloving

{Originally composed with masses of Idiots in Mind.}{all of this ~woelsd~ are current-ly of extreme ignorance and do not honor Eternity, not truely `ult` seeking truth.}

~An Answer to the Conundrum of the Liber AL cipher (with bonus cryptogram)~


[An Answer to the Conundrum of the Liber AL cipher]

Here is my proposed tip of the iceberg to the Liber AL cipher solution:

You may see the etymology of ‘expound’ for its meanings. I will not expound it here.

“Ankh-af-na-khonsu was never to attempt to decode the ciphers, for to do so would end only in folly”

I will not decode, as it is still to remain veiled to the uninitiated. It would be irresponsible to take such an initiative without appropriate delegation.

I show higher dimensional realities within this, and require that others perform the work themselves by their own hands. This is no stranger to all precedence. It is bounty indeed to discuss and grow, rather than stagnate on a strict and singular idol, like a eunuch priest.

All Above is translated below. The Holograph of reality reveals a projection; much as in the movie/book Contact, we must look beyond 2D. As We advance to higher levels & planes toward a new era, we learn and grow, which is the Path.

For the sake of doorways into confirmation & communication, letter upon letter, level upon Level, this is the way.

A Cipher over a Cipher, the only way it has ever been done, in matters of any real import. It is a Journey. Therefore do I not cling to the lust of a ‘result’.


“the followers of Crowley attempted to summon gods, reach higher plains {sic} of consciousness, and break the physical limits of human existence. The idea is that … they would become closer to the Universal one-ness that is the universe” 😉

I leave the rest to you. (For All to see.)

I’ll add a few bonus keys to unlock what is a very eazy cipher:
(KEY of it al_)

There are other keys of divine Providence present on my site which may edify Understanding for those who are looking to see beyond the rote word of old eras.

Good Luck


{JJH, Master in the fortieth degree, Sirius Cluster.} 🌟

And in Response to any queries- I believe I am allowed my blinds.

[This work completed, 0:34 am, within the hour of its initiation, 11:51:44 PM Jan 10 2022, Eastern Time, and sealed with this stamp REDACTED minutes later (REDACTED).] To Life!

Offered to the hyenas +1 ~
The selfish comment, barring Authority:
“103 years ago today Leah Hirsig joined my ‘brethrens’ harem. ‘He Shall Expound It.’ The latter two wordform fronts forming thrice, 103, period. For expoundit means to veil, EE CV. What meanest thou? Not for thee to know, o provet, but to expedite!” 36×3-5 $’Cause I’m only a crack in the sky!’60 QED Satisfactory vanit-RA what a poison7
Maybe you shouldn’t torture babes, cuz then fire comes out of they mouths.We call this the Double Dragon exponent.DVG Talishman
{And this is called}ROTH OMYY 🔥 ⚡ 🌞 fusion 🌈

Allt Atticum