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Next on the Menu: “Chai”

This is a corrupted word adhered to mean “life”, but in fact means devilishness. Indeed, the lust of the fleshly world, ’tis. The dragon’s tongue, flick flicks. Corruption, for the entire world Is.

The sum is “tel”, “devil”, “thel”, and a number meaning more, a number of consumption, of the horse, of the screamer.

“life” is a perfect number, just as the construction of Washington, tis square. It has little to do with the wanton demands of chai. “Life” means “cash the check”, and emerge, el. Perhaps this is where the root derivation of “chai” comes for. It is passion, energy. But these can easily be lust rather than health and life.

I will see if I can give you one number of “chai”. I can only mask it secondarily in 371, but its meaning is yawa. {Correction: yw(st), similar to ay-wa, aiwass(t), waste, or ‘i wants’, but the ‘y’ more like the ‘i’ in ‘blip’, of course this has references to water and the waters, or crocs (chai, chi) in the rivers, which must be mastered to de-corrupt – decrypt? – the flowing waters.}


[Chai is purported to be equal to 18 in the fallen gematria, which of course makes sense for a human people who are full of greed rather than love, it indicating the nature of aries, theft without limit; Indeed, how far thou have fallen, “shining” ones. The selfish are unworthy to wield this sword of Ra.] [- It being worthy in the hands of the hearted alone.]


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One thought on “Next on the Menu: “Chai”

  1. (Technically 18 would be nice if the people weren’t garbage but instead they worship the golden calf; you’re only supposed to be in glory (of the sun) when you’re actually IN Glory, not when you’re just a demonic heathen revelring.


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