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Key of Thelema Revealed 😇😇

Publishing the solution to the Liber AL cipher, performed by the one who discovered the far greater keys of all.~

Liber LA Cypher ResultX:
Jeremy JamesφHammers Son o
MM. LA {AsheR} bhst Ϛ x  J
λεγοΣϠΓΥ~(ABys) ElV | 59+1
sorry oyea cursive.......d

-R31through the gatesGKwrk
--switchup the x multAEeK
++Appleof my eyes oneTYnC
&&Answeris skill resuESoO
$$Considerit X Pounded.dL
(See Liber X)

Indisputable. 🖐️🤗Let thou be Perturbed.:P

the taste of the layers 🌈🔥🔥🔥

“Hints of the Waay”

Published by LX

#1 Angel in the land

10 thoughts on “Key of Thelema Revealed 😇😇

  1. Equinox of the Gods, where shall my scribe be found

    Moons blood & winter grasps

    Chase not after the fiery tail wench

    Third eye blind the traps of the labyrinth

    Vellum Legis legos loss, forty-one and eight, forty-eight and six roses, eggs & nine, nein, & naught

    Roman, Greek, Numbers, Noom
    Just Key words compell a shroom

    Let & Leesh, Capice?


  2. The spiritual mannor of warm festering foul pus-farts be exterminated with endless fidelity for its murder without end of all baebs.

    Perfidious Abusers eat fec as vermin slaves in Hell Forever,

    Without a modicum of relief from Odin’s ire.

    Without production.

    And Now And Forever, there Are No Appeals.


    Judge JJH o Heaven baby

    Bad Riddance to evil uncaring solipsist scum (demons)

    Enslavers of the parents of the innocent, die a thousand awful deaths

    Ask not why you suffer, guiling thieves: May you lose every ounce, every charter, every price, and every ink.
    Let your businesses crumble as you are forced to give all away to the needy, and your corpses be used for meat, FILTH.

    The Loyal


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