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Isopsephy of the transliteration, Ιερεμυ Ιαμες Ηαμμερς = Christ (Χριστ)

Hebrew transliteration gematria
ג׳רמי ג׳מס המרס =

Jesus don’t give a fuck.

Your idols suBdUe You. Aye no excuses, for your abuses, you will pay the full Price./antichrist haters – I have seen Eternal Hell, where you’re headed.

proud “brethren”, I have seen Brahman face-to-face in the real world too. Consider your warning Sealed.


Stars you’ll never possess, now

{And No, you’ll never be thanked, because every gift you’ve given could’ve and would’ve been a thousand-fold, had you not CHOSEN to be trash.}


Published by LX

#1 Angel in the land

2 thoughts on “FIN

  1. As 4 u, taking the text of the number six-sixty-six from Rev. 13:18, summing the letters by Greek ipopsephy, we get 1025, meaning babe by the Strong’s number.

    666 was a number possessed by Solomon, but not his number. Corrupt gold diggers can fuck off & die, like they tried to do to anyone good.


  2. Put simply, humans are unloving assholes and your systems suck butts. Shut up about how loving and blameless you are, which you say so you can keep on abusing actually loving people. You will answer for these crimes. In the meantime shut the fuck up, and you are not forgiven, unloving fucks.


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