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Pan bursts in

I am a jealous One; few is it who laude my gain!

The Magical Record of Brother Worm

We are never going to make any changes if you continue to fixate on the high breasts of the proud goddess because this fetishizing of the other is precisely the damn problem. It is time for you to recognise that your fetish-of-she is really a fetish-of-yourself.

For there is no he or she; you are only to be defined and known in relation to an other: for until the other erupts, the whole world is you.

You have never been challenged. You have never known the divine irruption of the other because you had her chained, in hand-cuffs, – and she, divine thing that she is, enjoyed the play for a while.

But know this – she only ever allowed you that vision of control that it might shatter all the more spectacularly when she broke it. This is the nature of Her whip, this is what makes her She…

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