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A Page of Scrolls


(A portion thereof, without the Lyre)


I have re-read this chapter and created these notes for you;

Concurrent notes

Gevurah chapter


The nefertiRis of this world are the false harlots who claim in vanity lordship over Christ, when they are ruled only by lusting narcissism. They like to quote C S Lewis with their lukewarm ‘christianiRy’ that silences truth, despises the strange, and pretends kind sweetness in public for the approval of the indolent.

IOW: “Rachel has become an unrepentant whore.”

(the now sanctioned embedded link is from the ten commandments where Charlie Hesron talks to Nefertiri, while she attempts to seduce him. O Moses ;))


We shall see. See 8.

She is still focused more on the world than the world beyond. We are now more privy to the possibility of its potentiality, as according to higher dimensionalities, which could be cubbied as an extension of the natural growth of the world from first order to a higher.

Humans themselves have not done the necessary work to reset the balance, which is why ‘Christ’ on the surface of the waters of the matrix in his ghostly spirit has taken over and conquered and bared his fangs through synchronicity and all other higher order representations, becoming Lord over the world despite the disparate selves selfish of a rebellious Lot.


The proper balance between natural and eternal life has been revealed, the consistency of ALL scripture; only it is apparent that there is a differentiation between those who may qualify to inherit More; however eternal principles are unchanging in a degree, and the only life truly is the etern.

It is merely whether a peoples determines to follow unto the law where•with they wilt according to their fidelity to the principles which uphold reality; they shall thus determine blindly into which level of existence they qualify.

I’m speaking a little strangely in order to keep this information set properly unto the confines of its appropriate venue. 😉

22, cont.

The individual is important ; each shall merit its sovereignty according to its action.

I would *like* to go to my family and share niceties with them more, but when I try it’s awkward because I have better things to be doing and over-familiarity can be the enemy of progress and their own healing by their own necessary will. The Spirit merely gets in the way, ending it, and it can be worse to coddle.

Adherence to the eternal principles qualifies one for life. The individual entity that is against them is against life, and only then has an undue assumption about its worth in the eternal perspective. The ego of a gnat, versus the merit of a hero that does the work, is not the same entity – in this way the individual is as important as the whole, and should not be taken for granted, but it is the lazy ones that demand the dutiful ones be treated as equals to them in order to drag all down as crabs in a bucket, refusing to see the truth of the meaning that all life has equal value, from a higher order perspective beyond the ‘hey pretty-pretty’ mystique of criminals. This is the confusion that is partnered with the manipulations of the schemers that would seek to pervert the law to destroy the worthy and call the cruel holy, inverting the reality of what it constitutes to be good, and naming the good evil. Their self-aggrandizement to them is more important than the innocent receiving love because of their own inherent worth – the conflict which causes imbalance and terrorizes those who are subtle and wise, yet also those who are haughty and self-contained, till they are more ameliorable to charity toward others and less narcissistic – Or Destroyed.

A curse upon the waste of reality, Indeed.





Swords to plow _ shares in the Kingdom of justice. Denver airport mural.


Power and responsibility. Simple vs. Authority.

Reiteration …..

42 …


(as per DFMQ)

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