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Free & Foyer

NOTE: The output of xhence formulae was not manipulated against spirit’s fountain; merely were intriguing delimitations added to call out spaces effectively.

"All words `
are sacred and all prophet
s true; save only th
at th°y understand ° littl

solve the `
first half of the eguation
, attack the second `

in All the `
dark, though Not and some,
 the Light clear in,
 all Thou but hast."

All ess eit
her 'olden scribe or aeye-
on Scion | Its name `
Distraczion, iss.

Where are t
he Tinkerers! {the word of
craven is hiding}

Of Heaven' `


I'll leave `
this defined form as the l
ast sign call to Am-
y sane. Any

` I guess I'
ll just define the new era.


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