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It hath becometh clear that… humans aren’t worthy of squat. Therefore they shall not receive the tablets of Justice. Instead, I can only expound upon the truth, resting upon the true qabala. For indeed, all religions are profane, only to be understood in the light.

As for Coronzon, his name also Choronzon or Coronzom, these are his correct attributes. First, the number 333 associated with him is not his number. 333 is a holy number of angels. his proper number is 220 {190 & 30, acheron}. [All forms of divination today are tainted, as is appropriate for a fallen species. The gematria in use today is something you would give to a monkey, and though useful, does not produce accurate numbers of themselves, only useful associations along the path of the ignorant adept. Consider tarot, which is earth-focused, rather than spirit-focused: it’s in the name. Only by twisting the stars of astrology, does one perceive the higher level concepts, unearthbound.]

These are associations: rho (density), “hellstar”, “hen”, ron, chon, shines, sheol.

One might note the vague allusion to ‘cairo’ in the name, therefore let this demon keep the unholy at bay, confused in its maze, o egypt.

It is interesting that lil crowley was deathed five days before my father was born, and that my father was born precisely 38 years after crowley supposedly summoned ‘Choronzon’. I suppose that makes me the hero of this story, running counter to the lies, like Hellboy of the stars, crowned with glory, infinite, gory.

{Addend.- Indeed it can be said that ‘333’ means ‘No’, or ‘Zero’, which would align with the classic interp. of C., but in fact this meaning is but in an angelic light. Sometimes, you stuped humons need to be told ‘no’, or you never learn.}

G’Bye, Dbags, and enjoy eternal prison in Hell.

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